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Our Board Rules and FAQ:
Please read them before applying for membership.

What is a VE Baord?
Well, it is a website where you can list your online competition links.
You can make friends this way plus get more support for your site.
We do a 'vote for a vote' meaning if you have just one vote link, you will just have to vote for the members who have only one vote link as well.
If you have 2 vote links, you will have to vote for the members who have 2 links, so on and so forth...
What happens if I do not vote?
If you are unable to vote for one day, or need a LOA, please inform me about it.
I understand that circumstances do arise, and maybe you will not be able to vote some days but please let me know.
There are icons posted next to each members name everyday letting others know whether or not they have been voting and finding the hidden pages.
If you do not vote for 2 days during the week and do not inform me about it, I will have to remove you from the board. It is not fair that your links be listed and other be voting for you if you are not doing the same in return.

What about LOA?
If you need to go on a LOA, please fill out the LOA form. You are allowed a 3 week LOA. If you need more time, contact me.

What are hidden pages?
I will be putting up hidden pages randomly within the vote links. All you need to do when you find one, is fill out the form so I know you found it and then finish voting.

What is blind voting?
Blind voting means, just voting for others sites without visiting their site and seeing if you really like it.
I do require that you visit the members list, view their sites and take time to sign the Guest Book. Let them know you are voting for them and enjoy their site.

What days are we required to vote?
I require that you vote Sunday through Friday for the main board since some comps begin their voting on Sundays.
Monday through Friday for the topsites, weekend voting is optional on topsites.

How do you know who has voted?
When you are done voting for the day, you must fill out the I voted form located at the bottom of the vote pages.

How do I update my vote links?
You must fill out the update form each week so I can update your board links.

How many vote links can I have listed?
You can list up to 3 for the main comps and up to 3 for the topsites.
You may join both boards for a total of 6 urls listed.

Board Rules

  • Your site(s) must be family friendly.
  • You must vote each day or you will be removed from our board. I have ways of knowing who is voting or not, so please be honest.
  • You must place one of our board logos on your main page and link to us.
  • We allow 3 main comp links and 3 topsites links
    You can join both the topsites and main boards.

  • You have to join our newsletter.
    It is my way of updating the members each week.
    It is not a chat group, just an update newsletter.
  • Click here to join scarlettrhettsvepals
    Click to join scarlettrhettsvepals

    that's all! If you agree to our rules and understand what VE Pals is all about, feel free to join us.